Erase Me

by Trevor Vaughan

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More songs from the basement.
Physical copies available from Antique Records


released January 29, 2016

Recorded at the Colosseum from 2012-2016



all rights reserved


MA Glory New Bedford, Massachusetts

A short list of releases I've worked on. Some are actual records and some are just random side projects.

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Track Name: Medicine
so this is who you are now so this is where we stand you can't start a wreck without smashing your head you can't cure a migraine without medicine you can't starve yourself unless you plan ahead it takes determination and medicine
Track Name: Missing Nails
punching holes in the wall not a bad idea I can always fix it later drop my knees to the floor fade into the ground fade into the concrete I wanna die not such a bad idea my eardrums crave the silence swinging hammers and missing nails banging my head over and over again missing nails
Track Name: Head To Head
that's when the cold sneaks in uninvited turning my everything against me place myself head to head I'm losing running this race neck and neck I'm losing swallow the key leave me to think that's when the cold sneaks in uninvited
Track Name: Orange Days
orange days headaches thoughts erased work in the rain it's better that way now you know how I feel daydream til I fall asleep constantly keep away solitary now you know how I feel steal the light from the sky bottle it in the basement steal the sight from your eyes replace it with pavement pour the concrete in your head peel the skin from the back of your neck now you know how I feel
Track Name: Carve
this mirrors dirty I look ugly coughing violently another breath closer to death how much air do I waste how fucking many chances do I take spit in the sink cheater liar running on the top of a fence face first into barbed wire the future takes horny eyes and I need new glasses look at me and I'll dance and flip you off listen to me and I'll sing you swears I can't remember shit so carve your name into my forehead backwards I still won't remember it
Track Name: Erase Me
when my eyes dissolve and my mind leaves drain my memory erase me where my hairs burn and paint a smudge cover the whole mess up erase me whisper every scream erase me
Track Name: Dive
wake up early and feel my hand still as the traffic outside I took a dive I placed a line don't rub your hands in the dirt don't drag your feet tonite I took a dive replace doubt with silence yearn for the quiet dove in wont wake up again when I miss it I'll erase the x off the calendar line I took a dive no help arrived don't cross your name out don't look to me if this promises unlimited dreams where I'm guaranteed peace close my eyes and let me leave
Track Name: Disappear
disappear I'm no longer here one with the darkness cloaked in its sadness a breath in the wind a shadow in the nites mist I fade I'm grey disappear no fear I'm clear one with the shade disappear please let me go this grip on my soul bury my bones release me from reality